Safran Vectronix AG

World Magnetic Model (WMM) Update

As we all know, the earth is in constant change – just like its magnetic field. Today, we inform you about an update of the World Magnetic Model (WMM) for our DMC equipped and GPS supported devices: MOSKITO TI, MOSKITO and GonioLight.

Magnetic compasses point to magnetic north, which can differ vastly from geographic north. Magnetic declination – the angle on the horizontal plane between magnetic north and geographic north – is used to describe this difference. However, magnetic declination varies both from place to place and with the passage of time. The WMM accounts for these changes and anomalies of the magnetic field.

With our devices the local magnetic declination can be entered manually by the user, based on information given on a map or commanded during mission briefing. If the local magnetic declination is not entered manually, the GPS supported device determines it according to the WMM.

The local magnetic declination, corrected by the WMM, is an essential function of the equipment and supports the user in achieving the best possible target location with the equipment. We therefore strongly recommend to update the WMM to ensure accuracy and reliability of Safran Vectronix devices.

The required software and files for the free update can be downloaded from this website. However, product-specific cables are required to connect the respective device and to transfer data from a PC/Notebook.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with the update, please do not hesitate to contact
Andreas Heier, Productmanager Service/ILS via email or phone +41 (0)71 726 7377