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Our Roots

The Heritage of Safran Vectronix

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Wild Heerbrugg

The heritage of Safran Vectronix goes back to 1921, when Wild Heerbrugg was established as a manufacturer of angle-measuring and other optical precision instruments in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, where Safran Vectronix is headquartered to this day.


Wild leitz group

In 1986 Wild Heerbrugg and Ernst Leitz merged to form the Wild Leitz Group


Leica Group

Wild Leitz Group became the Leica Group in 1990.



Seven years later, Leica was split up into Leica Camera, Leica Microsystems and Leica Geosystems. The Defense & Special Products Division of Leica Geosystems became a separate company in 2002 as Leica Vectronix AG and joined the French Safran Group in early 2003.


Safran Vectronix

The parent company Safran Electronics & Defense merged in May 2005 with the aero-engine manufacturer Snecma to form the SAFRAN Group. Safran Vectronix is part of the Optronics and Defence Division of Safran Electronics & Defense.