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Safran wins contract with armasuisse

Safran wins contract with armasuisse for infrared multifunction goggles and latest-generation night vision goggles

Switzerland’s Federal Office for Defence Procurement, armasuisse, belonging to the Federal Department of Defense, have chosen after an international competition Safran Vectronix AG, the Swiss subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, to provide the country’s armed forces with its next generation of infrared handheld multifunction binoculars and night vision goggles (NVG). The corresponding federal budget was approved by the Swiss Parliament at the end of September 2019.

The contract concerns the supply of more than 1,000 multifunction infrared goggles (JIM Compact™, MOSKITO TI™) and more than 8,000 stereoscopic night vision goggles (NYX™). Switzerland’s selection confirms Safran’s position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of handheld optronic equipment.

The equipment to be delivered will expand the operational capabilities of the Swiss Confederation’s Armed Forces. They will cover a broad spectrum of operational needs, including day/night observation, target acquisition, including in GNSS denied environment, artillery and firing corrections, for forward observation and Joint Tactical Air Controllers, under any weather conditions.

Through its strategic partnership with Theon Sensors, Safran Electronics & Defense demonstrates its position as a leading supplier of NVG technology, with a mass production contract and the long term support of the fleet.

«We thank armasuisse for its renewed trust in Safran Vectronix AG and we are proud to offer the latest technological innovations in night vision for dismounted soldiers», said Max Kreis, CEO of Safran Vectronix AG, «Safran’s JIM Compact™ and MOSKITO TI™ systems, as well as the night vision goggles NYX™ will be manufactured and supported by Safran Vectronix AG in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.»