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Safran Vectronix Handheld Tripods

Tripod solutions for handheld observation devices

Tripod solutions for handheld observation devices

Critical missions are carried out daily, all over the world and require equipment that must meet the challenges asked of our service men and women. As the leading supplier of precision observation and location equipment to top tier military and defense organizations across the globe, we understand our customers experience and incorporate their demands into our developments.

Our tripods operate under the worst conditions, and are precise, reliable, tough, and ready for action at all times, just like their operators.

Swiss quality in every single way

How is a precision tripod built to withstand the toughest environments? What does its operator need to complete a mission? How can it be adjusted, decreased in weight, while increasing functionality? At Safran Vectronix, we are devoted to addressing these questions again and again. As a leading worldwide producer of precision optronic devices and systems for military and civil applications, we have been providing Swiss quality and accuracy since 1925.

We offer a product line of lightweight, precision observation and location tripods. In addition we understand there are unique missions with requirements that demand custom-built models for specific applications. We offer a rapid development of custom tripods for those special missions and operations. More than 51,000 tripods are in service all over the world with top-tier military and government units. We offer multiple tripod series for various applications with the same core competencies valued by our customers: Extremely robust, versatile, military grade, nonmagnetic, and ease of operation.