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Safran Vectronix wins German contract

In cooperation with Rheinmetall Defence, Safran Vectronix has won a contract for the German “Infantry of the Future- Extended System” or IdZ-ES. The order includes MOSKITO GPS BT and VECTOR 21 Nite BT with a total value of € 11.9 million. MOSKITO GPS is a multifunctional monocular which includes all the essential day/night viewing measuring and geo-location functions in a very compact and user-friendly package. The VECTOR 21 Nite, an observation and laser rangefinding binocular, is an easy-to-use optronic device. The image intensifier tube integrated in VECTOR 21 Nite creates night capabilities an optimized performance weight ratio translates into greater mobility, agility and operational readiness.

MOSKITO Compact Day & Night Observation and Location Unit                                             
MOSKITO GPS Features: Range capability: 5 m to 10,000 m, Magnification: 5x (day), 3x (night), 
Weight: < 1.2 kg  –


vector 21 rangefinding

VECTOR 21 Nite Features: Range capability:  5 m to 12,000 m, Magnification: 7x (day), 4.5 x(night),  Weight 2.0 kg -read more- 


System “Infanterist der Zukunft – Extended System” (IdZ-ES)

The “Infantryman of the Future – Extended System” enables the infantry, armored infantry and naval forces to carry out their tasks in battle / combat with significantly improved outcomes and reduced risk. The IdZ-ES has been continuously developed as a highly modular system to achieve the required capabilities. All the components were ideally matched and the weight optimization in all subsystems was achieved.

The complete system comprises the subsystems:

  • Clothing, protective and carrying system (BST)
  • Weapons, Optics, Optronic (WOO)
  • Command, Control, Computers, Communications and Information (C4I)