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Safran Vectronix at DSEI 2017 / London

Safran Vectronix at DSEI 2017: tomorrow’s high performance operations and latest technologies.

At DSEI 2017, when the world leading defence & security event opened its gates from 12th to 15th September 2017, Safran Vectronix showed the latest technologies and innovations at the booth of Safran Electronics & Defence. The Safran stand was organized in six main areas: land solutions, naval solutions, airborne solutions, soldier solutions, the “Joint Fires Support Systems” and the Ultisense product line. The organizers of Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) hail its “unrivalled scale”, hosting more than 1,600 exhibitors from 54 countries and 36’000 visitors. 

The following product highlights were presented by Safran Vectronix:

Portable Optronics / Soldier Solutions: 


MOSKITO TI – Lightweight multi-purpose target locator: The MOSKITO TI combines higher usability, lower weight and broader capabilities than any device in its class. Features: Monocular, ranges up to 6 km, uncooled thermal, store pictures and video streaming, weight: <1.3 kg  – Enter  Microsite –


JIM COMPACT – Lightweight & longrange multifuncion binoculars: Based on the success of the JIM LR, operational feedback from users, and a continuous improvement approach, Safran Electronics & Defense has developed the JIM Compact. Features: Bi-ocular, ranges up to 12 km, cooled thermal, store pictures and video streaming, weight: < 2.0 kg  – read more –  


Joint Fires Support Systems:

STERNA – Non-Magnetic Based Target Acquisition System

STERNA – Non-Magnetic Based Target Acquisition System: Safran Solutions when connected to Sterna provide true north capabilities, 24/7, in virtually all terrain and weather conditions. STERNA through its inertial gyroscope determines true north. Compatible paylouds: Moskito TI, JIM COMPACT, JIM LR, VECTOR Family and MOSKITO – read more – 


Shooting Solutions:

COLD IPC – Clip on laser rangefinding device, illumination-pointing-communication

COLD IPC – Clip on laser rangefinding device: The COLD IPC is a high-performance rangefinder, visible and invisible pointer, and illuminator. It provides high ranging accuracy and multiple laser functions in a tough, robust design. Features: Invisible and visible pointer, invisible illuminator, fast data transfer, high-quality display, inclination sensor – Enter Microsite – 


ULTISENSE – Customized OEM Solutions:

Laser Rangefinder Modules for your Integration

Laser Rangefinder Modules and Digital Magnetic Compass for your integration: 

Laser Rangefinding: Laser rangefinding (LRF) is one of Ultisense’s proven core competencies. Our LRF modules stand out for exhibiting top performance characteristics yet being of minimal size and weight.

Digital Magnetic Compass: Our Ultisense DMC is an extremely accurate and reliable magnetic compass that has now proven itself in over 100,000 optoelectronic devices. – read more – 

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