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Long-Range Multifunction Infrared Bi-oculars

The JIM HR (stands for high resolution thermal sensor with four times thermal-imagining quality compared to JIM LR) is designed for military and civilian applications and is fully qualified according to the most stringent standards. It is key to the success of any large-scale infantry modernization program, and is a valuable tool in rescue operations and C-IED/route-clearance missions.

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The JIM HR is especially useful for infantry platoon leaders, and is ideal for Special Forces operations. When integrated into the GonioLight TI or GonioLight G-TI systems, it serves as a force multiplier, enhancing the capabilities of forward observers, and ensuring accuracy in even the harshest of visibility conditions.

In addition, the JIM HR is a tremendous asset during recovery efforts after natural disasters. The dual-field-of-view cooled thermal imager allows search and rescue teams an unprecedented ability to detect and retrieve survivors of earthquakes, hurricanes or blizzards. With its separate visible color channel, eye-safe laser range finder, laser pointer, integrated GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass, the JIM HR provides unsurpassed performance.

Important: JIM HR is subject to Swiss and French export control.

JIM LR Long-Range Multifunction Infrared Binoculars

01 | 03JIM LR Long-Range Multifunction Infrared Binoculars

JIM LR – Multifunctional cooled thermal imaging device

02 | 03JIM LR – Multifunctional cooled thermal imaging device


03 | 03JIM LR

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