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Safran Vectronix Mission Solutions

Mission Solutions by Safran Vectronix

Mission Solutions by Safran Vectronix

Safran Vectronix combines technologies, core competences and procedures for you to gain, process and deliver target information. Our products are tailor-made to your needs – effective and reliable. We are proud to manufacture the best observation & targeting products available in the world today.

Our new „Mission Solutions“ brochure aims to highlight the high precision and reliability of the products. As a central theme, the imagery aims to reflect the raw reality of the target group. Besides impressive landscape photographs, user-specific image compositions show what the products can achieve on a daily basis – in the military, in the law enforcement and in the civil area. News ticker style headlines underline the authenticity of the pictures and help to enhance the image of our customers’ challenging job. This is contrasted with the purely functional aesthetics of the products.

This brochure offers new perspectives and insights into Safran Vectronix. Our specificity? We deliver performance even in the most extreme conditions. Our goal of precise operation even in the most demanding conditions has made us the global leader in advanced optronic devices, systems, and sensors for military and civilian applications. Learn why Safran Vectronix is as good as its reputation.